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About us
McKerrell Pharmacies was established by Pam McKerrell with the purchase of the Banyo Pharmacy in 1974. The group has subsequently been expanded to include retail pharmacies in the South East corner of Queensland with further additions planned.

The group is managed by Martin Schulz, Pam’s son-in-law.

McKerrell Pharmacies enjoys positive relationships with all of the major pharmacy wholesalers in the Australian marketplace, API, Sigma and Symbion. Through the alliances with these companies, the group operates pharmacies under three different banner groups Amcal, Chemmart, and Discount Drug Stores.

The pharmacies are also members of the Pharmacy Guild, and are QCPP accredited. The Quality Care Pharmacy Program (QCPP) is a quality assurance program dedicated to raising the standards of service provided to the public, initiated by the Pharmacy Guild of Australia.

With pharmacies ranging from 140sqm to 250sqm, McKerrell Pharmacies is able to accommodate its model for pharmacy operation into different trading environments. Branding choices are made to suit the socio-economic environment of the local community, and the needs of our valued customers.

The group has pharmacies in convenient locations and put the pharmacists at the heart of community healthcare.
Our pharmacists are well placed to play a significant role in the provision of healthcare services in the localities we serve.

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“At McKerrell Pharmacies we have high ethical and professional standards in relation to the recruitment, retention and development of our staff. We believe that we are an Employer of Choice in the industry in Queensland, due to our remuneration packages, career progression paths and emphasis on quality training programmes.

“We value our strong relationships with our customers, and have high expectations of our staff to deliver excellent customer service. Solving our customers’ health problems is our goal”.

Martin Schulz, Chief Executive Officer
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Our management team
Kirsten McKerrell
Managing Director, non Executive

Martin Schulz
Chief Executive Officer

Adrian Stoll
Group Retail Manager

10 Marshall Lane, Kenmore Q 4069  •  T: 07 3378 8900 • F: 07 3378 8911  •